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Brand Loyalty

Central Question

How might we encourage activity for athletes when they are motivated by social & physical competition?


When in the off-season, athletes are motivated to stay active by three primary things: Self-improvement, Physical & Mental Competition, and Achievement & Rewards

Point of View

A program that rewards the journey of athletic improvement. Using challenges, rewards and a social community, we aim to motivate athletes to form positive behaviors in addition to reinforcing the hard work they're already putting in.


Athlete's snapshot of current progress and challenges

Motivates by showcasing point progression and point total

Keeps the competition in focus

Feature challenges, allowing athletes to see their progress and to also discover more ways to improve and earn recognition


The core engine of the experience

Basis for all activity in app

Marketing & Sponsorship opportunities


Where the athlete sees how they stack up

Puts the athlete at the center of the community

Quick-look Levels rankings and moves this week to foster competition

Additional leaderboards lets athletes see how they compare on specific skills


Drive motivation and social competitiveness for athletes

Team and opponent activity promotes the work others are putting in

See which teammates are this week's leaders

Social recognition via 'props' on activities and accomplishments

Additional availability to more challenges and rewards


Where an athlete's sweat turns into currency

Redeem points for unlocked Rewards

Tease locked and upcoming rewards for increased motivation


Client Workshops, Digital Strategy, UI Design, iOS


Erik Stark, Maggie Harn, Chadwick Andrews

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